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What's Your Power Color? How To Pick A Color Palette For Your Wardrobe

by Shanae Kidd on May 23, 2022

Your power color is something that makes you feel confident in your own skin, complements your natural skin tone, and goes well with your entire apparel collection. 

When you have a power color chosen already, or you've built a wardrobe dedicated to a specific color palette, dressing up will be less time-consuming, while at the same time, you'll look your best, always!

Based on your preference, you can go with a warm or cool color palette. If your skin undertone is on the warmer side, shades like orange and yellow will naturally complement  you, whereas if your skin undertone is on the cooler side, you can go ahead with more blues and greens. 

Here are some tips to help you choose a color palette for your wardrobe: 

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are essential to create the foundation of your wardrobe. They are incredibly versatile, so you can style them in different ways for different occasions. 

You can also build your entire wardrobe around neutral colors, in case you don't prefer bright, bold hues. White, beige, cream, grey, mocha, and black are some of the most popular neutral shades for you to try out. Combining multiple neutral shades is also a good option for a toned-down color palette. 

Single Tone 

It's also possible to create a wardrobe that's primarily based on a single tone. Think of a color that's your all-time favorite– something that you'd wear to every party, every meeting, and every outing. Already have a color in mind? Amazing. Let's say your color of preference is yellow. So your wardrobe can consist of outfits that are of various shades of yellow, like lemon yellow, canary yellow, golden yellow, mustard, etc. 

Pay attention to your bags and shoes as well, so that your single-tone looks are always on point. 


Once you choose a tone or some particular shades, you can go ahead and add some printed pieces to your wardrobe that go well with them. Styling printed clothing is always a tricky affair, so it's safe to take pieces that belong to either a similar or a contrasting color palette. 

For example, if you have a lot of orange-colored items in your wardrobe, you can add a pair of white and orange printed pants or skirts to your collection.

Color Blocking 

When two bright and solid contrasting colors are placed side by side on a color palette, it's called color blocking. The idea of combining two vibrant hues might not sound appealing, but trust me when we say this, color blocking can add a new dimension to your wardrobe. You have to be picky about the colors, but if you get them right, nothing can stop you from looking like a fashionista. 

Purple and pink, yellow and pink, yellow and orange are some of the fun color block combinations we feel will look stunning– you are free to experiment on your own. 

Metal Tones 

Metal tones add an edge to your wardrobe. They elevate your apparel collection from basic to drop-dead gorgeous, so you cannot afford to miss out on infusing some metallic touch into your clothing. 

Be it golden, silver, copper, or any other metal color of your preference, we would suggest you choose one or two and stick to the same color palette for your clothing, outerwear, blazers, etc. You can style them with neutral colors and turn the simplest outfit into something party-worthy.


Your look consists of not just your outfit, but also the accessories, bags, and shoes. Now, when you have decided on a power color(s) for your wardrobe, you have to make sure your accessories match the shade. Matching the bag with your shoes creates a beautiful appeal, and makes you look instantly more put-together. 

Paying attention to details is the key here, so while setting up your wardrobe, don't forget these essential tips! 

Final Thoughts

If you're wondering why it's important to choose a power color for your wardrobe, or why you need a specific color palette, the answer is simple– because it makes you look charming and sophisticated even when you put minimal effort into dressing up. Some colors just look perfect on you, so why not wear them more often in different styles? 

And once you set up your wardrobe color palette and arrange your clothes accordingly, you'll see how easy it becomes to dress up and pair clothes. You won't be standing in front of the closet forever wondering which top should go with which skirt or which shirt should go with which blazer. As your clothes are already thoughtfully arranged based on color, styling becomes incredibly seamless. 

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