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What to Wear on a Night Out in Winter: Tips & Secrets

by Shanae Kidd on December 29, 2022

What to Wear on a Night Out in Winter: Tips & Secrets

Dressing up in winter can be tricky, as you'll have to find a fine balance between staying warm and looking fashionable. But worry not, we're here to simplify things for you. 

Here are some tips and secrets to help you pick an outfit for a night out in winter. 

The Basics 

Let's begin with the basics. These are some options for the primary attire you can wear for your winter night out. 

Bodysuit/High-Neck Top & Trousers 

Nothing beats the bodysuit and trouser combo for a winter night out. Bodysuits offer comfort, keep you protected from low temperatures, and look super fashionable, especially for evening outings. And to go with the bodysuit, you'll need a sexy pair of trousers. Look for thick materials (e.g. leather trousers) to keep the cold away. Instead of bodysuits, you could also slip into a high-neck top of your choice. 


Ah—the classic winter favorite. Jumpsuits are pretty much covered up, so you'll feel comfy. Whether you're going for a fancy dinner or to a club, a gorgeous jumpsuit is ideal for any occasion. We would recommend choosing one that's made of thick material, and preferably something that has long sleeves. 


Lately, the fashion world has been obsessed with pantsuits, and for all the right reasons. They are chic, exude boss vibes, keep you comfy, and make you feel confident. For a winter night out, you could very well slip into your favorite pantsuits to turn all heads your way. The suit will keep you warm, while also keeping the style quotient high. If you want to make the look more interesting, go for bold and bright colors. 

Dress & Tights

Just because it's winter, doesn't mean you can't wear a dress. Sweater dresses can be a great pick for winter nights, especially when you pair them with tights. We're not talking about woolen tights here—they keep you warm for sure, but don't really look fashionable. You could go for sheer tights, pantyhose, or stockings that have a slightly thicker texture. 

The Layers 

You cannot step out in heavy winters without a layer on top of your basic attire. Here are some popular and classic options you might try out. Besides these, don't forget to carry a pair of gloves, a muffler, and a woolen cap for additional precaution. 

Leather Jackets 

A leather jacket is the jack of all trades in the fashion world. Pair it with a dress, jumpsuit, or top, it instantly elevates the overall look, and also provides you with warmth. So if you're going for a night out, nothing can beat a good old leather jacket worn on top of your outfit. 

Trench Coats 

Another all-time favorite item for layering is a trench coat. They are long and baggy, made of high-quality, thick materials, and are perfect for nights when the weather is extremely cold. Trench coats are just as versatile as your leather jackets, so you can style them with any outfit of your choice. 

Faux Fur Coat 

Faux fur coats are taking the internet by storm these days. They feel warm and fuzzy, and look adorable. For your winter night out, we would suggest wearing a fur coat that's light in color or has an earthy tone. If you're wearing something dark-colored inside (e.g., a black bodysuit), these shades look great. 

Secret Tip 

Now, let us tell you a little secret. The tips we mentioned above are all about what you'd wear outside. But what you wear inside is also important, because you definitely don't want to freeze on your night out. 


Instead of just the lingerie, wear your shapewear inside. Not for hiding the love handle, but because they offer additional cover-up, and keep you warm. 

Thermal Wear 

Below your high-neck top or a sweater dress, you can wear thermal underwear. They are specially crafted to keep away cold, so you'll be able to enjoy your outing without shivering all night long. 

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