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Style and Fashion—They Can Be a Form of Self-Care

by Shanae Kidd on March 02, 2022

When we think of self-care, most of us associate it with activities like getting a relaxing massage, catching up on our reads, meditating, or lounging and watching Netflix at home. But dressing up is another form of self-care. By looking our best, it’s easy for us to feel good.

Clothing impacts your psychology. Basically, dressing well can boost your confidence, improve your mood instantly, help reduce your anxieties, and even make you feel powerful. 

You’ve probably experienced this before: you put on your power suit, and you feel like you’re ready to get stuff done. Or you try on a new sequin dress, and you instantly want to go out clubbing and have fun with your favorite girls. Usually, we dress for the event or place we’re going to. But it’s also possible to dress for the mental state we want to have for the day. 

5 tips on using style or fashion as a form of self-care

Self-care is about having that quality “me time” to rest and feel good. So you don’t need to change up your style completely to do this—you can simply stick to your current wardrobe. Here are a few tips to help you use your wardrobe, styling, or fashion as a form of self-care:

1: Plan your outfits the night before.

By simply planning your outfits the night before, you can get your much-deserved “me time.” Have fun trying out on different styles and ensembles during the night. Once you pick out the clothing items that make you feel good, prep them accordingly. That way, you’re ready for the next day. You can throw on a great look and jump right into a happy and productive day!

2: Purchase top-quality clothes.

High-quality clothes are more flattering and will instantly dress up your style. Even a basic tee feels different when it’s made from rich fabrics—compared to a shirt you can get from a fast-fashion store. But remember not to break the bank when shopping for quality outfits. 

Fortunately, there are several ways to get designer clothing & luxury pieces at reasonable prices. You can get them pre-loved, for instance. You can also turn to online boutique shops committed to sustainability by using ethically-sourced materials that last for years. Plus, these boutique shops often only offer a few collections at once. So you can expect well-thought-out designs and innovative features that can elevate your everyday styling.

3: Find your personal style.

Fashion isn’t merely about following the hottest trends—it’s also about finding your style. 

Your personal style is your particular way of expressing yourself through aesthetic fashion choices. It’s all about finding clothing pieces that give you a strong sense of self while making you feel happy and confident. 

If you haven’t found your personal style, you can do several strategies to seek clothing that works for you. For instance, look at your closet and pick your favorite items. Think about why and how they make you feel good. Then, note what they have in common, as those factors can help you select new clothing items that can boost your sense of self-care. You can also find fashion inspiration. Observe how your family, friends, and favorite celebrities dress in casual and special events. You can also take this quiz to know your style twin! 

4: Don’t forget the shoes.

If your personal style is the basic white-tee-and-jeans combo, you can elevate your casual look to a whole new level with the right pair of heels or sneakers. Also, the right footwear can change the feel of your outfit. It can make you feel more comfy, edgy, or confident. So don’t forget the shoes. The right pair of shoes can change your look—and even your headspace.

5: Match your makeup to your fashion ensemble.

When you match your eyeshadow to your shirt color, you can create a stunning monochromatic look. And sometimes, you don’t need a full face to look and feel good. A touch of color or red lipstick can make you feel more put-together. Your makeup may be such a tiny detail, but it can create a huge impact on your physical and mental composure. 

Look good—and feel good! 

The bottom line here is fashion isn’t just about putting on items that work together. But it can also be a tool to feel good about yourself and get your much-needed self-care amid a busy week or month. So every time you feel overwhelmed by the stresses of life, don’t hesitate to take a breather by dressing up, putting on a bit of makeup, and trying out different outfits.