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Self-Love: Why the Clothes We Choose Matter

by Shanae Kidd on August 17, 2022

We know it: clothing is a form of self-expression. We show our confidence, taste, and personality through the pieces of clothing we wear. But there’s more to clothing than self-expression—it can also boost our self-love. Our choice of dresses or shirts affects our mood and how we carry ourselves, helping us be more comfortable in our own skin.

That’s why finding your personal style and choosing your clothes matter. Wearing what’s true to you—rather than what you think you should wear to fit in a group or situation—is an act of self-love. When you put enough care into what you wear, you will feel better about yourself. 

How You Dress Tells a Lot About How You Feel & Think

The clothes you wear can tell a lot about how you feel and think. While personal style is a great way to express self-love, it can also be a tool to reject or criticize yourself. 

Some people would only dress in dark colors and baggy clothes in their darkest moments. Perhaps, that’s because they want to hide from the world. They are riddled with insecurities, and they doubt, criticize, or worse, hate themselves. If you ever find yourself in the same situation, reflect on how your clothes represent how you feel & think at the moment. It can be the first step you can take to show yourself some love and get out of a rut. 

For instance, swapping black shirts with lighter shades may help you feel a little bit better. If you dress up instead of wearing your casual office clothes, you might be more confident and empowered at work. Putting enough care into how you dress can be the nudge you need to push your insecurities back and start embracing the qualities you would otherwise dismiss. 

Experimenting with Style is a Form of Self-Discovery 

Ditching clothes that don’t make you feel good is a huge step to getting to know yourself better. Finding clothes that work on your body and boost your self-esteem is a form of self-discovery. You will discover the best parts of yourself and may want to show these to the world. You will see yourself in another light—and might even love yourself better.  

Start your exploration by being braver about your style choices. But if you don’t want to go big right away, play with colors or patterns first. Who knows, you might find yourself feeling happy and confident in floral midi dresses. Or maybe, you like the The Abby Dress better.




You can also find inspiration from your favorite celebrities. See what you like or dislike, and save anything attractive to your “Style” board on Pinterest or your phone gallery. Then, start emulating those clothes you prefer by actively looking for something similar in shops. 

Start Owning Your Personal Style Today

Now you know why the clothes you choose matter, it’s time to begin exploring or owning your personal style. We’ve already discussed some ways to do it, but here are more tips:

  • Create a mood board. Again, you can create a “style board” to create a visual reference to the signature look you want to achieve. You can do it on Pinterest. It’s also fun to do it the old-school way by printing images and getting cut-outs from magazines and then pasting them onto a board you can place on your vanity desk. Once you’ve done this, you will immediately notice the patterns, colors, shapes, and silhouettes that are most attractive to you. That can set the tone of your personal style! That can also help you narrow down your options when you shop.
  • Don’t merely follow the trends. Find clothing pieces that make you happy and feel beautiful and confident. Such clothes will never go out of style! 
  • Don’t be afraid to be different. Wear what you want to wear—not what you think you should wear just to fit in. As long as your outfit is appropriate for a situation, it doesn’t have to be the same as what everyone’s wearing. Be true to yourself.
  • Find elements that encapsulate who you are. Owning a style can start by finding certain pieces that capture your personality and how you want to present yourself to the world. Whether it’s quirky print, pastel shades, or sequin dress, make it a part of you!

    Taking care of yourself should always be a priority. When you wear clothes that are true to you and right for your body and personality, you pay attention to your needs. That may sound simple, but the clothes you choose matter when it comes to self-care or self-love.