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How To Feel Confident in Your Clothes and Why It Matters

by Shanae Kidd on July 06, 2022

Have you ever admired someone who walked into a room with their head held high, chin up, and radiating confidence from every angle? 

We all want to be this person. But on some days, you might find yourself standing in front of your closet, and feeling miserable because you feel nothing looks good on you. On days like this, the following tips will help you feel more confident in your clothes. 

Choose the right size 

Whether you shop online or offline, choosing the right size is the key. Refer to the sizing description carefully before picking a dress, so it compliments your natural silhouette and makes you feel confident. 

Don't deliberately choose a size shorter and wait for the motivation to get into an 'ideal' body shape or size. When you wear well-fitted clothes that are ideal for your body, you instantly look more polished and put-together. Clothes that are too tight or too big do not look flattering, so stick to your own size while picking any kind of apparel. 

Know your body shape 

There are a plethora of body shapes– apple shape, pear shape, hourglass shape, inverted triangle, rectangular, and the list goes on. Put effort into researching different body shapes, understand which category you belong to, and shop for clothing that compliments your best assets. 

When you do this, your clothes will highlight your natural features, and make you look like a million dollars. Be it a flowy dress, bodycon, midi dress, or a wrap dress– understand which one looks the best on you, and wear it more often! 

Comfort first 

Design trends come and go, but comfort should always be your top priority. If you're eyeing a new style of clothing but it makes you feel underconfident about your body, refrain from slipping into it. There are a plethora of options out there– go ahead and try something that makes you feel comfy! 

While it's great to experiment with fashion, it's never a good idea to make yourself feel conscious about your own body. So always choose clothing that makes you feel confident, gorgeous, and comfortable in your skin. 

Pick colors wisely

We're sure you have a few favorite colors that look great on you. There are certain colors that compliment your skin tone, your hair, your eye color, and instantly brighten up your entire look. Choose to wear those colors more often, as they will naturally enhance your beauty, and make you feel super confident every time you step out of your home. 

Make sure your wardrobe consists of ample clothes of these particular colors, so you have enough options to mix and match them. 

Love your body 

Self-love is the stepping stone to achieving self-confidence. Do you know why it's important to feel confident in your clothes? Because it makes you all the more beautiful. When you know your worth, when you value yourself, and when you love yourself unconditionally, you will radiate more love to the world, and take every step with unflinching confidence. 

And all of this will occur the moment you start loving your body and appreciate it with all its flaws and imperfections. Be kind to yourself, show gratitude for what you have been blessed with, and never blame your body for not fitting into the beauty norms advertised in fashion magazines and social media. 

The mindset

To think from an idealistic point of view, your clothing shouldn't be a factor that affects your confidence. But in reality, the way you dress up and the way you present yourself to the world, do have a huge impact on your confidence level. 

When you put on nice clothes that fit you and make an effort to look presentable, you automatically feel more empowered. But this confidence should never stem from external validation– rather it should come from within. You should feel confident because you feel you're looking great, and not only because your colleagues said so! The moment you tap into this mindset, you are free from the shackles of external validation or criticism. 

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