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How To Embody Your Favorite Celeb With Clothing

by Shanae Kidd on April 21, 2023

We all have several favorite celebrities that influence us in so many ways and that includes fashion. They are the trendsetters and icons who set the rule on how to dress at certain events at a certain age. 

Ongoing fashion trends are shaped by famous stars together with the world’s leading fashion designers. 

Whenever our favorite artist or celebrity runs down a gala with a nice flowy gown, we pay attention. That Katy Perry body con dress, Emma Watson’s jeans with a hugging tee and a pair of rectangular sunglasses, Selena Gomez’s street-style look, Jennifer Aniston’s train gown, and so on. We all want to try them on because we want to embody our favorite celebs in these ensembles.

While our influencers often look like they came straight out of a runway, many of these styles are actually available for everyone. You just have to know where to find them.

Gladly, in this blog, we are going to show you ways how to embody your fave celeb as you dress up.


  1. You don’t have to wear the exact clothing.

Yes. We totally understand that it can be very tempting to copy in full context the style of your fave celeb, but you don’t actually need to do that. If you want to achieve an elegant look like that of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s mini black lace dress, you can get this Lovers & Fringe Black Dress with a stunning off-shoulder cut and fringe details. 

If you are going on a special date but want to look sophisticated, elegant, and sexy all at the same time, put this Blair Dress on and be cute and stunning like Kirsten Bell and fiery as JLo’s plunging neckline but in a subtle way. 

2. Dress as you are.

To emphasize our first tip, you have to dress as you are. Flaunting your personality is the first thing you should have in mind whenever you open that closet to dress up or purchase a piece of clothing from your favorite fashion store. It is always better to check on your gut and if you feel just slightly uncomfortable with the design and style, maybe you should look for another option.

No matter your size, shape, or height, being true to your character is the best way to embody your favorite celeb. You ask why? Because these stars feel good about themselves and the way they carry their wardrobe highly speaks of their confidence. Wear your clothes without a hint of regret and love every bit of your own style.

3. Invest in quality clothing.

Investing in quality clothing does not mean you should buy extremely expensive designer clothing. All you need to do is to learn which fabrics and materials offer durability and comfort that will match your needs and preferences. 

There are several good reasons to do so. You probably have noticed that most exceptionally well-dressed people do not always have to wear ridiculously price-tagged clothes. It is often the timeless style and the material quality that makes them stand out of the crowd.

Stay on trend with this beautiful cream-coloured, ribbed sweater Blake Dress. It is great to wear when temperatures start to cool down without compromising your style. Kyle Maxi Dress is another timeless design that you can wear on almost all occasions. 

Quality clothing can stand the test of time, pay off over time, is comfortable to wear, is good for the environment, and can significantly boost your confidence.

4. Experiment with all types of dresses

Staying within the lines of your comfort zone is not how fashion works. The truth is, the more you experiment with the wardrobes in your closet or the store, the more you will find out that there are other styles and clothes that work for you.

Experiment with all types of dresses and ensembles. Channel your best street-style star by mixing and matching your accessories, color schemes, and textures. 

If you want to make an instant statement and dip your toe in the paisley pool, but would love to try out a mixture of prints and sweeping silhouettes, try this Lori Dress. It has a dreamy goddess vibe with a turquoise blue adorned with bright red large florals.