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6 Tips for Creating Your Personal Style

by Shanae Kidd on October 12, 2022

Everyone has a personal style!  It's similar to building a personal brand – your style should reflect your personality. 

If you want to overhaul your fashion game and carve out a way to find your personal style, you're at the right place. Here are 6 easy-to-follow and practical tips to give you a headstart. 

1. Invest in Staples 

Staples are essentials for your wardrobe, as they help you experiment with your personal style in more ways than one. Take a basic white tee for example – you can pair it up with a blazer, a denim jacket, or even a cute sweater, based on how you wish to style it. 

Invest in simple and basic outfits in monochrome and pastel hues. For denim, invest in blues and blacks as they are the most versatile. Once you build your staple wardrobe, you'll never run out of clothes, because you can style each piece in many ways.

A little black dress is a perfect example :)

2. Look for Quality 

High-quality clothes have a longer shelf life. They are crafted from premium fabrics that flow and fall just perfectly and hug your body in a way that looks flattering. As for cheap clothing, you cannot always be sure of the fabric or the durability – they tend to wear off sooner, and issues like color fading, poor fitting, or shrinkage are common. 

When you're trying to build the personal style that represents who you are, the last thing you want is anything shabby. But that doesn't mean you have to go for pricey designer clothes only – there are plenty of online shops selling affordable yet high-quality items, like Girl Hi Boutique

3. Shoes & Accessories 

Your style is incomplete without the right set of accessories and shoes. Start building a collection of premium shoes that you can continue to wear for several years down the line. The collection should be versatile, including heels, platforms, flats, and sneakers. 

As for jewelry, you should put equal emphasis on everyday chic and dainty jewelry, as well as statement pieces. Refrain from inexpensive shoes or accessories, as they will become useless in the long term. 

4. Talk to A Professional

This is optional, but going to a professional stylist might give you a new insight into the world of fashion. An experienced stylist will be able to guide you on what type of clothing would suit you, which colors would bring out your best features, and some industry secrets that you never knew. 

Even if not for general consultation, you can seek assistance from a stylist before an important event. You will learn about their work processes, and understand how to pick clothes that are always on point. 

5. Focus on Timeless over Trendy 

It's normal to feel attracted to trendy fashion pieces, but before purchasing them, ask yourself this: Am I going to wear this 2 years down the line? Can I style it in multiple ways? Does this color/fabric/cut compliment me? 

If you can't find conclusive answers to these questions, let go of the thought of buying the piece. To create your personal style, we would recommend you prioritize timeless clothing over anything that's there for only a season or two. 

6. Be Confident 

Last but not least, your personal style is all about YOU. That’s what makes it so fun! So no matter which attire you're wearing, always feel confident in your own skin and refrain from styles that you don't resonate with. 

Smile and walk with your head high!  And that's it, you're ready to create your personal style that the world will swoon over. 

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