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5 Ways a Style Makeover Can Elevate Your Self-Confidence

by Shanae Kidd on March 29, 2023

We all have been there where our self-esteem is being challenged. Perhaps, someone criticized the way you look, made a joke about it, or you can’t help but compare yourself to another woman. There are a lot of reasons that can contribute to a crashing down of confidence.

The truth is, self-esteem is the opinion you have for yourself, your sense of belonging, your personality, your identity, and what you can do. A myriad of factors can influence them and when there is no security, when there are doubts, and there is rejection, it is easy for your confidence to lose a leg.

The good thing is, despite these negative energies we form inside us in disbelief of ourselves, we still have a spark that will never go away no matter how rocky our confidence is. That good and bright thing is your real, more secure you.

Here in this blog, we are going to tackle the ability of fashion and styling to elevate your self-esteem. The objective is to make that spark inside of you illuminate even brighter.

Style Makeover Benefits

#1 - New Perspective

Scientifically, not having the ability to cope with change or to even try change is a powerful depression trigger. You’ve heard this before we know for sure - “Try something new!”. That statement is never harmful. In fact, it is what you need to do for the most part.

Trying something new allows you to see things differently which also allows you to find a new way to deal with particular situations. 

Have you ever tried wearing the same cut-out dress over and over again without exploring other styles that could work for you? Buying new outfits and seeing yourself in a new ensemble can be very refreshing. Call a friend or someone you trust for help if you need to. When you put on a new style and look at yourself in the mirror, you might be reminded of some aspects of your personality that you have already forgotten about.

#2 - Sense of Cohesion

Style makeover is a process and this process is something that can help you feel more put together. And as we all know, when we are systematic and organized, we think and feel better about ourselves. If you’re quite unkempt for some time now, changing your style and trying on a pink cocktail dress will make you feel more polished. 

#3 - Getting Recognition

Another thing about style makeovers is their ability to make you look more noticeable. Have you been reluctant to talk to that guy you’ve been crushing hard just because you don’t feel confident enough about your looks? Have you been feeling invisible when you enter a room and nobody even stares your way? Have you been feeling like a needle in a haystack?

Changing your style can make you stand in a crowd, especially when you wear something flattering like a Chantilly Lace Dress. The goal here is not to call for attention and wait for people to turn their heads on you, but to make people see you from a new perspective. Most importantly, you have to notice yourself first and feel good about your new style from within. External validation is just a bonus. 

#4 - Authenticity

You may consider your previous style as something ’authentic’, but you’ll never really know what style truly fits your personality if you won’t try exploring. Being a slave to the latest trends is also not advisable because you will just blend in the crowd like a milk powder stirred in a mug of hot water.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Work it out and give it time. You will immediately feel the eureka moment anyway when you see yourself in a perfect dress

#5 - Fearlessness & Placidity

Style makeover has a powerful way of boosting one’s self-confidence and trying on new clothes can take away your fears and anxiety when a particular occasion calls for a new ensemble. Allowing yourself to get used to new styles will make you feel more confident the next time you have an evening gala, date night, or an important business meeting to attend.