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5 Easy Ways to Dress Up or Down a Slip Dress

by Shanae Kidd on February 24, 2023

A slip dress is a versatile wardrobe piece. It can be cool and chic or minimalist and flirty. It can be appropriate for dressy occasions, as long as you pair it with a nice pair of stilettos and a set of elegant jewelry. You can also wear a slip dress to pull off a street-style look. All you need is a tee, a pair of boots or sneakers, a crossbody bag, and other accessories.

Ready to explore how you can rock a slip dress for your next event or a casual hangout with friends? We’ve got some styling tips to help you dress up or down a slip dress. 

But first, what is a slip dress?

Before we give some styling tips, let’s clear things out. A slip dress is an elegant, lightweight piece often made with luxe fabrics like silk, satin, or linen. It has spaghetti straps and features a low-cut neckline. Its length varies—it can be a mini dress or a long dress that falls at the ankle. One thing that sets a slip dress apart is its look. It resembles an undergarment called slip, typically worn under dresses as an extra layer—hence the name “slip dress.”

Styling tip #1: Layer the slip dress with a sweater.

Slip dresses are thin and lightweight, but it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in cold months. All you have to do is layer them with a sweater. You can wear the dress over a sweatshirt or a turtleneck sweater. You can also layer a sweater over the slip dress, making your dress look like a slip skirt. To create a well-put-together look, keep everything in neutral shades. Also, it’s best to pair your silk slip dress with a cashmere sweater & suede boots. 

Styling tip #2: Style the slip dress with a tee.

A mini or midi slip dress is great for summer because of its lightweight and flowing fabric. But do you want to elevate the look of the dress? Style it over a t-shirt and complete the look with strappy sandals or a cool pair of sneakers. The key here is to choose a slim-fitting tee that won’t look too baggy under the slip dress. You can’t go wrong with a white or black shirt, but you can mix it up by choosing pastel-colored tees to match the color of your slip dress. You can also add a statement buckle to emphasize your waist and highlight your silhouette. 

Styling tip #3: Layer the dress with an oversized blazer.

An oversized blazer is trendy these days! And you can wear it over your slip dress. The androgynous shape of an oversized blazer is a nice contrast to the slip dress’ signature feminine silhouette. It’s best paired with your mini slip dress, giving an almost overcoat look & vibe. Don’t know which blazer to get? Choose neutral-colored blazers for a chic look. You can toughen it up with a black blazer and complete the grunge or street-style look with boots. 

Styling tip #4: Pair the slip dress with a button-down shirt.

Want to wear your slip dress to the office? Wearing a tee under it can be too casual, and layering it with a blazer can be too much. Here’s a good in-between: a button-down shirt. Sliding your best button-down shirt underneath your slip dress will instantly smarten up your look. Just make sure to choose a slim-fitting button-down to ensure no rumpled fabric ruins the silhouette of your slip dress. Also, try wearing an oversized button-down shirt over the top of your dress and knotting it at the front for an ultra-feminine yet smart casual look.

Styling tip #5: Style a slip dress on its own.

Worn alone, the slip dress is perfect for weddings, date nights, and other events. All you have to do is add a killer pair of heels or gorgeous stilettos to make your outfit fancier. You can also match it with a minimalist and elegant shoulder bag or purse to finish your look. What color should you get? If you plan to let the slip dress do the talking, ditch the neutral shades for now. Go for slip dresses with bright and strong hues, like oranges and greens. Such colors will make your outfit stand out even if the dress is lightweight and worn alone.

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