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10 Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

by Shanae Kidd on March 18, 2022

#GirlHI it’s not a secret that dressing up can boost your confidence. With the right pieces, you can express yourself and look your best. But for some women, mixing and matching clothes or picking the right accessories to complete their look is a skill that can be difficult to master. Don’t fret if you’re one of these ladies, as we’re your backup when you need to dress up! 

Today, we’ve rounded up the top 10 style tips every woman should know. Go through the list, and you’ll likely find one or two (or everything!) that can revolutionize how you dress daily. 

1. Invest in clothes that work for your shape. 

You need to be strategic about shopping if you want to have an endless supply of outfits that look amazing on you. Start with investing in clothes that work best for your body shape. Go through your wardrobe and find the most flattering items you already own. If those midi dresses or high-waisted skinny jeans work for you, don’t hesitate to shop for pieces with the same style or silhouette. Don’t want to have clothes that look too similar? Experiment with different colors, fabrics, and embellishments to elevate your go-to outfits.

2. Pick colors that suit your skin tone.

Have you ever wondered why some colors look incredible on you and others don’t? You may have to look at your skin tone. Got a cool complexion? Pick garments in white, gray, black, or blue. On the other hand, shop for clothing in shades of brown, gold, red, and olive if you have warm undertones. 

3. Play around with patterns. 

Do you feel like you wear the same pieces over and over again? Add some fun and life to your wardrobe by playing around with patterns. Buy some pieces in stripes or florals. Just make sure the patterns in your outfit complement rather than clash. When in doubt, stick to only two patterns with matching color palettes.

4. Always have a white fitted shirt in your closet.

A white fitted shirt is an essential item as it’s a highly versatile piece of clothing. Whether you’re wearing denim shorts, a midi skirt, or skinny black jeans, a white button-up can complete your chic look. Always have it on hand and be sure to replace it when necessary.

5. Make sure to have at least one little black dress.

There’s a reason why a little black dress (LBD) is a closet rockstar. It’s appropriate for many situations, particularly those last-minute events or occasions. Plus, with an LBD, all you need is a pair of elegant heels and a few accessories, and you’re good to go. So if you could only live by a single style tip, make sure to choose this one: have at least one LBD in your closet. 

6. Learn to layer.

Layering can take an outfit from plain and boring to sophisticated and perfect. Try wearing a white crew-neck shirt under a satin slip dress for an effortlessly chic look. Or layer a sweater dress with a denim jacket or trench coat for an elevated look. Just ensure the colors or patterns of your pieces complement each other for a cohesive and stylish fashion ensemble. 

7. Be smart about jackets.

While on the topic of layering, be smart when purchasing jackets. Whether you plan to buy a denim jacket, trench coat, or blazer, make sure to follow this rule: it should fit your shoulders. If it’s too wide or too tight, don’t buy it even if it has a style or pattern that looks good on you. That’s because jacket lengths are difficult to alter, especially if you don’t have a go-to tailor.

8. Don’t forget about the accessories.

Whether it’s a belt or a statement necklace, accessories have the power to complete your look. So it’s important to invest in good accessories. If bags, jewelry, or sunglasses resonate with your personal style, go for them by all means. Experiment with different types and styles. Sometimes, all you need to look your best is a fashionable finishing touch. 

9. Elevate a casual outfit with a scarf.

Don’t want to deal with too many accessories? Wear a scarf before heading out the door. It can make your casual outfit appear more polished. So the next time you’re going out wearing a basic tee and jeans, add a colorful or patterned scarf. It’s an instant style upgrade. 

10. Pick your outfits the night before.

Raiding your wardrobe every morning isn’t the best habit. You’ll end up running late or wearing the same thing over and over again. Break this habit by picking outfits at night. In turn, you can try on different looks before settling on an ensemble. Plus, your morning will run smoothly. If you can’t do it every night, try preparing daily outfits on weekends instead. Create different combinations for casual, business, or formal events—or a ladies’ night out.